Volume 6, Issue 48

President’s Message

**EDITOR NOTE; The following is last August’s President’s message. It is a feeble attempt to normalize the world; or at least remind all, what should be going on this time of year. With no board meetings taking place and all the upheaval going on, I have a feeling nominations are not going to happen in September. And I’ve doubts about elections in November. We will have to wait and see. DS

In the Nominations for the board are coming up in September. Please help keep the Buon Tempo alive and well, nominate someone for the board… Better yet, run yourself. Get active, get involved.

Our annual picnic is coming up fast. Sunday, July %&th at Toyon Park in San Leandro. Tom Galletti is the chair for this event, (NO HE ISN’T) and can use some help from the members to make it memorable. Sal Attinello is again running the Bocce Tournament (HE’S NOT). If you can lend a hand with the setup, cooking, clean up, or would like to help Sal run the picnic bocce tournament, contact Tom (DON’T) at (925) 555-6830 or online at deppitydog1@.

Note: At some time during the picnic we will be visited by the San Leandro Park Rangers. Please remember alcohol is not allowed in the Park. Any wine and or beer seen at the picnic will be taken and tossed.

Sept 28th sees the last Bocce tournament of this year (Is NOT happening). ‘The Big Salami Shoot’ will take place at the Adobe Center in Castro Valley. Al Bronzini is running the tournament (with our thanks) and funds raised will benefit the George Mark Children House. Cost per four person team is $100 ($25 per person). The BT Club will host 12 teams. For entry forms and all the info, contact (DON’T) Al Bronzini via phone at, (510) 555-2339 or online @ vabronzini@

Please do not bring ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE OTHER THAN WINE to a dinner. Remember there’s a corkage fee and, BY LAW the bottle MUST be tagged.


Bernie Remoaldo, President

Rich Gorham had bought our regular boxed vino for the dinners and some cases of a bottle wine for the anniversary dinner that never happened. With no dinners on the horizon, Rich has suggested selling our wine stock. We have the following inventory:

  • 2 1/2 cases of Tisdale Cabernet;

  • 5 1/2 cases of Chardonnay.

  • 2 cases of Charles Shaw Cabernet;

  • 3 cases of Chardonnay.

We’re discounting the above, selling each for $25 a case. We are also selling our box wine for $10 a box. We have 8 boxes of burgundy and 14 boxes of Chablis.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the club’s vino you can contact Rich, (510) 919-3344, and set up a time to meet him at the church to pick up the wine.

More positive news to come, I am sure!

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