President’s Message

Once again spring has come and with it warmer weather and longer days. May is a quiet month for the Club. Especially now that the COVID-19 scare has shut us and the rest of America down.

April we would have celebrated the 62nd Anniversary of the Club. Joseph Sotello would have cooked great Italian roast beef and Jessica Gorham Pacheco would have treated us all with her fantastic tiramisu. But none of that happened.

For now and the foreseeable future, everything will remain as is.

Please let us know if you hear of any members who have been negatively affected by the virus.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and remember to take the com-mon scene precautions of staying away from those that are ill and washing your hands frequently.

Please remember, if you bring wine to dinner, You will be very, very lonely!

Bernie Remoaldo, President


April has been very weird. For those of you who did not get a newsletter for April, I apologize. Not wishing to appear insensitive to others suffering, the hard copy didn’t go out because I decided to table it. I had written a long article about the corona virus and viruses in general early on in March and as events unfolded I realize it was too early in the ‘outbreak’ to speculate as to the outcome. Time alone will tell if what the article stated holds true or if, in the case of this virus, proves to be faulty. In either case, cold logic and statistical facts can’t stand up to media hype, pollicization of facts, anecdotal evidence nor the emotional and irrational responses to each. (you still can’t find toilet paper). And as I said, I do not wish to seem insensitive. I believe we must keep our perspective. Those of us old enough to remember childhood diseases, like mumps and measles, also remember mothers shearing them, ’get it over with.’ and classrooms devoid of students because of them. Nowadays one kid in a school is found to have the measles and they close the school! Perspective. Polio was a death sentence for many, those that didn’t died were likely to be crippled for life. Yet, no cities were ever shuttered because of it. Perspective. Is there a danger associated with covid-19? Absolutely, viral pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at, pardon the pun. Is it, covid-19, though, so totally dangerous that it warrants the dictatorial steps taken? Instead of isolating the ill, we are shutting down society. There are a few in this club that lived through shutdowns like this before. These ‘social experiments’ usually don’t turn out well for the societies they’re run on. Ben Franklin said,” They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. “Covid-19 will soon be a thing of the past. Let’s hope our freedoms don’t go with it.

A smattering of things

Well here we are in the second year of the corona virus pandemic and on a personal note it’s the flipping twilight zone. There is an underlying weird-ness about this pandemic thing. Prior to it happening I stayed home a lot, worked in the yard and house, fed the animals, checked on mom’s welfare, etc. Since it’s happened, I stay home a lot, work in the yard and house, feed the animals, and check on mom’s welfare. But somehow it’s different. And the reason it’s different is because I’m being told I have to. As a kid I could spend hours in my room doing what I wanted, it was a sanctuary. If I was ordered to my room it became a prison. I’m not sure I would mind it so much if there was some logic to it all. For instance, today, April 16th 2022, the powers that be are talking about ‘opening’ 19 or 20 States apparently because the isolation measures have worked so well in them there is little to no sign of the virus, so lets un-isolate them and spread the wellness out…?

Try and track the facts about covid-19; John Hopkins U, Stanford, CDC, Gov. health officials, State and Fed, media-all have one thing in common; they can’t agree on anything. Someone bring Rod Serling back and make him the Covid-19 spokesman.

Interesting Fact: Effective inhalation protection against covid-19 or any virus is limited to the now famous N-95 mask or greater protection devices (respirators or self contained breathing apparatus). Covid-19 is 120 nano me-ters in diameter. A nano meter (nm) is one billionth of a meter (take your yard stick* and slice it 1,000,000,000 times, glue 120 of the slices back together and you have the size of the virus). *A meter is about 3inchs longer, but you get the idea. No home made mask will stop covid- 19; they are the equivariant of a screen on an open window in a dust storm. Most anything less than a N-95 mask is a sugar pill placebo; ineffective but makes you feel better.

Why did eggs find their way back onto store shelves, but you still have a time finding toilet paper and paper towels? Will TP become the universal currency of the future? Your bill is four rolls, 27 and a half sheets. I think it has promise. For one thing, how would you counterfeit it? Though there is a problem with the used bill so maybe its not the best idea.

For those of you who remember our club, keep in touch with me, via the email address you got this from and let me now if and how the covid-19 is af-fecting you. For those of you don’t remember, it’s the Buon Tempo Italian Club. I plan, as soon as I develop an interest again, to send out an updated Club ros-ter, to MEMBERS ONLY, not like I have anything else to do. Prior to the outbreak, I gave members a chance to ask not to have their info included. I didn’t receive any ’please don’t emails’, so, sooner than later, I’ll have it out.

One last of interest; I have no idea how I started getting this, but it’s a pretty good, all things Italian website: PRIMO Magazine

Stay well and let me know if you find any TP out there, I’m running low and the wife is eyeing my T shirt collection.




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