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Helping Our Future Generations 

The Buon Tempo Club awards Scholarships to deserving High School seniors of Italian Heritage.  In the past 30 years, the club has given out hundreds of thousands in athletic, vocational & academic scholarships to Italian-American youths in the Bay Area

The 2019 scholarship season is under-way. The Buon Tempo Club will be awarding scholarships for academics, and athletics, one in each to a boy and girl of Italian descent for a total of four awards. We will also be giving out two vocational scholarships, one boy and one girl. And finally, we will be awarding one deserving student the

Bob Grazzini scholarship.
In the past, the smaller scholarship awards have been $1000 each; with the Bob Grazzini award being $1500.00. This year the Board of directors increased each of the awards. All of the awards have been raised to $1,500 and $2,000. Members who have students eligible for any of the awards, or know of students who meet our criteria and would like to try for one of the awards, are encouraged to have them apply ASAP.  Applications need to be in by the first of April.

For more information contact

Paul Grazzini | | (510) 882-9372


Indeed congratulations are in order to this year's scholarship recipients:

  • Vito Ciarfaglio Memorial Scholarship: Carly Pokorny - Granada High School

  • Bob Grazzini Memorial Scholarship: Marco Garibaldi - Granada High

  • Vocational Scholarship: Dominic Kaady - Granada High School

On behalf of the Scholarship program, I would like to thank everyone who attended our June Family Dinner Annual Scholarship Award Night. I would also like to thank Lisa Briones and crew for preparing a delicious flat-iron steak dinner for everyone.

Sempre Avanti,
Paul Grazzini
Scholarship Committee Chair

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